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Chain Match 1 

Chain Match 2

Chain Match 3
Chain Match
Chain Match

Chain Match is easy to learn and play and a good challenge for anyone.

Remove tiles from the layout by matching colors or numbers with the chained tiles.
Clear the layout in as few moves as possible while building long chains to score big points.

Find special tiles to remove groups of tiles, reveal tiles or score bonus points.
Find rare tiles to add to collection sets.

Choose from 6 different tile set options.
Choose from 9 different background options.

Game Center support includes 3 leaderboards and 26 achievements.


Lots of Blocks 2 

Lots of Blocks 1

Lots of Blocks 3
Lots of Blocks
Lots of Blocks

Lots of Blocks is a pattern matching game using blocks with different colors and shapes.

It's easy to play and will challenge all types of players.
Place blocks onto a 5x5 grid and try to make lines of 3 or more matching blocks in any direction.
Matching blocks score points and disappear to make room for new blocks.
Keep making matches and prevent the grid from filling up.

128 different combinations of block colors and shapes
Wild blocks that match anything and make combination matches
Varying difficulty from easy to extremely challenging
Bonus levels with different game play
Achievement system with 36 achievements
Saved statistics for all games played
Help screen

Aces Up 1

Aces Up 2

Aces Up 3
Aces Up
Aces Up

Aces Up is a solitaire style card game.  The object of the game is to remove all the cards except the four Aces.
Four cards are dealt at a time into columns.  A card on the bottom of a column can be removed if there is a higher card in the same suit at the bottom of another column.  If a column is empty, any bottom card can be moved there.  When an ace is moved to an empty column, you receive a bonus ability.  A game ends when all the cards have been dealt and there are no moves remaining.

An achievement systems keeps track of specific goals in the game.

Bonus Abilities:
Remove any card from the bottom of a column except an ace.
Swap positions of the bottom two cards in a column.
Rearrange all the cards that have been dealt.  Aces already in the top row will not move.

Try shaking your device at the end of a game for a surprise.

Poker Grid 2

Poker Grid 1

Poker Grid 3
Poker Grid
Poker Grid

Poker Grid is a solitaire style game in which you make multiple poker hands by placing cards in a 5x5 grid.
Two different types of games can be played:

Normal - play 1 card at a time
Timed - see the whole grid and move cards around with a time limit

* play in any screen orientation
* options for including diagonals and using 0-3 discards
* saved high scores and statistics for all game options
* 3 different card styles
* standard 2 color suits or 4 color suits
* achievement system with 29 achievements