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Aces Up

Aces Up is a solitaire style card game.  The object of the game is to remove all the cards except the four Aces.
Four cards are dealt at a time into columns.  A card on the bottom of a column can be removed if there is a higher card in the same suit at the bottom of another column.  If a column is empty, any bottom card can be moved there.  When an ace is moved to an empty column, you receive a bonus ability.  A game ends when all the cards have been dealt and there are no moves remaining.

An achievement systems keeps track of specific goals in the game.

Bonus Abilities:
Remove any card from the bottom of a column except an ace.
Swap positions of the bottom two cards in a column.
Rearrange all the cards that have been dealt.  Aces already in the top row will not move.

Try shaking your device at the end of a game for a surprise.